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Grace Christian Academy

Why Grace?

Families choose Grace Christian Academy for the faith-filled, friendly atmosphere and our strong commitment to both academics and the spiritual development of our students.  We are more than just an education community.  We are a family.  At GCA we have the unique opportunity to teach the whole student, striving to develop students in the areas of academics, technology, fine arts,  physical education, and faith building.  Smaller class sizes and our dedicated staff help GCA to meet students where they are and minister to their families.


Lunch Menus

Preschool and Academy Lunch Menus are published monthly and will be available to view by clicking on the link below.

Our Mission

To help prepare each young person to accept God’s purpose for their life and provoke them to pursue that plan with a passion.

To educate, equip, and engage them in the life-long mission of bringing glory to God.


Higher Education & Preparation

Grace Christian Academy is a small school with the academic standards of a large public school.  Our students have many of the same opportunities that their counterparts have in the public setting.


Take Part

Partner with us by signing up to join the PTP! Our Parent Teacher Partnership is a great way to support your child and our school.

At A Glance

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Activities & Events


My son went to Grace 1-8 grade. He is now at the Academy of Science, Research and Medicine for high school tenure. He was well prepared by Grace. He made the National Beta Club his first year as well as the Honor Roll with highest GPA. My daughter is in the 8th at Grace this year.

Samuel Swearingen, Parent

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