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A New Page

The Student Spotlight shines on Cameron Wright who had the honor of being a Page for the Georgia House of Representatives on March 23, 2018. Cameron started school here at GCA as 9th grader and is currently a Junior.  He is a member of the GCA National Honor Society and plays on both the JV and Varsity Basketball Teams. Mr. Wright attends New Morning Light Baptist Church in Conley, GA. He enjoys volunteering in his community and sharing his love for basketball with other youth whenever he is given the opportunity.  Cameron volunteered as a basketball assistant for Surge Camp a Sports and Arts Camp at West Ridge Church, Dallas GA since the summer of hid 9th grade year. He has also volunteered for Camp Inventions at GCA under the direction of Ms. Hewett as a Leadership Intern the summer after ninth grade year as well.


During Cameron’s Sophomore year he was given the Awesome opportunity to travel to Europe for a week with Ms. Buckner, Mrs. Hamilton, GCA Parents, and other students from GCA.  Over the past two summers he has attended a week long residential basketball training camp at Oglethorpe University his 9th grade year and Georgia Tech his 10th grade year.


Q: What is the process?

A: Go to:  Click on House Page Program there you will find all the information needed to apply for the program. In order to serve as a Page you must submit by fax or email an Interest form. Once the selections are made you will be contacted by phone or email letting you know what date and time you will be working.  


Q: Can you tell me a little about the Page program?

A: The Georgia House of Representatives Page program has been operating over fifty years. Students from all over Georgia come to the State Capitol to serve. You must be at least 12 years of age at the time of application to serve.  


Q: What does a Page do?

A: Pages serve the Members of the House by delivering important information and messages to the House Chamber. Pages are able to view from the floor level how the House functions. I was able to observe our representatives and other staff members work together in the legislative process. I also watched the lobbyist as they monitored the screens outside the House floor after each vote.  


Q: What was memorable about your experience as a Page?

A: I had the opportunity to meet House Representative Mable Thomas, House Speaker David Ralston and many others. It was an exciting day and I am glad I had the experience of learning about our government process.


Q: What are your future plans/goals?

A: My future dreams are to attend college. Pursue a degree in Robotics Engineering and/or Sports Management or both. I would like to one day give back to my community as a youth basketball coach.


Cameron would like to encourage any student age 12 yrs and older to apply to the Page program.  It gives young people an opportunity to see how our government runs. It also allows them the chance to meet the representatives that make many of the decisions that will affect our community.  It may even spark their interest politics.

Setting the Bar

Our Student Spotlight shines on Ms. Ntyzhala Francis, whose ambition and self motivation granted her acceptance into the 2017 summer program at Harvard University. Ms. Francis has been a student here at Grace Christian Academy since 5th grade and is currently one of our influential Juniors.  Academically, Ntyzhala is a straight A student and is currently in our dual enrollment program attending classes at Chattahoochee Tech. Ms. Francis has been a dually enrolled student since her Sophomore year and is on target to graduate high school as a Sophomore in college.


Without a doubt, Ntyzhala is a model student academically, she also manages to find the time to play sports, all while balancing her scholastic workload with her rigorous practice and game schedules. She has played Volleyball & Basketball since her Freshman year. In addition to school work and sports, Ntyzhala has been an integral part in organizing a Girls Bible Study group that meets Thursday mornings at 7:20. During school breaks she works as a camp counselor for Camp GCA. As a camp counselor she is an amazing role model for all of the young girls that attend camp.


Ntyzhala was asked a few questions about her experience and her future goals and this is what she said:


Q: How did you find out about the program?

A: It's actually a funny story, I was in my room on the phone with my best friend and my mom came in the room all excited and asked me if I wanted to apply to a Harvard Summer Program. At the time I knew very little about the school, it was a few days before the deadline and spring break, and my mom was really excited about it so of course I said yes.


Q: What did you get out of the summer program?

A: Through the summer program I have learned a lot about what college life is like and a little bit about what the world has to offer. I have met people from all different places in the world, from different cultures and diversification, and religions. It was amazing to see how Harvard gave 1,000+ High school students the opportunity to get a similar experience to what it would be like to be a Harvard student. Through being in the program, I learned a lot about what to expect when I go to college, but for me the most important thing I learned was the importance of building a strong relationship with the Lord outside of bible class and weekly chapel.


Q: What are your goals for the future?

A:  As of now, I am not exactly sure where the Lord is going to take my life after high school, but I do know that I plan to go to college to further my education. I definitely have a heart for serving and giving, so if I can find a career along those lines I’m sure everything will work out.


We wish Ntyzhala Frances the best in all of her future endeavors.

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