High Touch, High Tech, High Marks

Our 1st through 4th grade students participated the High Touch High Tech in-school science experience, BRAIN BUZZ, to enhance their science instruction. For approximately 70 minutes, students became a neuroscientist under the direction of the HTHT instructor. In addition to learning about the different lobes of the brain and their functions, students had the opportunity to observe REAL brains, eyeballs, hearts, kidneys, and stomachs. Students also learned how to use authentic instruments including calipers and stethoscopes. Lastly, students tried to fool their brain and complete various optical illusion.

When asked about the event, Mrs. Maldonado stated that she thoroughly enjoyed the field trip and how in depth the instructor was the students. The fact that the instructor tailored the program to fit the 3rd grade, cover Georgia standards and ABEKA curriculum, while also having multiple avenues of program differentiation was awesome. The program was extremely hands on and truly had every student engaged. She would highly recommend the program for all grades as they have a huge list of science programs available.

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