Making a Difference Around the World

Last year the 4th grade students at The Grace Christian Academy in Powder Spring took on the responsibility of raising money to dig a well in Burkina Faso, Africa. Their teacher Mrs. Dunlap, has a heart for missions work and decided to make this a part of their “Will You Make A Difference” project. The goal was to raise $2,200.00 for a well that will provide clean water to approximately 700 people. Through various forms of fundraising the students collected money and by December 12th they raised $850.00. By March 28th the class exceeded their goal of $2,200.00 and raised a total of $3,495.03. This was enough money along with a donation from an anonymous donor for 2 wells. However; since May was the last month to raise money, Mrs Dunlap encouraged the class to keep going even though they already surpassed their original target amount. With two wells, the children would provide clean water to 1,400 people. If they continued raising money, the class could possibly be able to raise enough money to dig a third well, or even a church, which costs $4,000 to build! By the end of the year the students raised a grand total of $6,600.00! The students all decided to provide 3 wells for the citizens of Burkina Faso and now over 2,100 people have access to clean water.

The most important part of all this, is that when the people of Burkina Faso go to get water from the well they will also receive a message about The Living Water which never runs dry!

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