High School

High School − grades ninth through twelfth − is an exciting experience.  These years lay the groundwork for future career goals and achievements.  GCA endeavors to help each student reach his or her potential through rigorous preparation for college.  All students receive the core curriculum that most colleges require for admission. Opportunities to apply for grants and scholarships are also available.

By utilizing Christian-based curriculum for most courses and supplementing them with other resources, our teachers work diligently to provide an excellent academic environment.  Daily, a Biblical perspective is interwoven into each course to aid students in applying those Biblical principles to their lives.

College Visits:

Juniors and seniors are each permitted two (2) days in the year to visit colleges. A form must be signed by all teachers, parent(s), and students and turned in to the administrator’s office one or more days PRIOR to the visit in order for the absence to be counted as excused. GCA does not sponsor college visits; they are the responsibility of the students and their parents.

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Procedures & Standards