Kindergarten children are taught Bible lessons, Phonics, Reading, Writing, Numbers, Physical Education, Art, and Science.  Library, music, Spanish, and technology are other activities enjoyed weekly. Kindergarten uses a mixture of materials from the following publishers:  ABeka Book, Association of Christian Schools International, and various other publishers for Computer Lab and Physical Education. Though the majority of our school curriculum is Christian-based, our teachers do not rely solely on the publishers to integrate the Bible, but they purposefully take on this task.  Kindergarteners also participate weekly in Chapel.  

Elementary, grades one through five, are not only learning facts and figures but study habits, test-taking skills and presentation skills.  The curriculum, though almost exclusively Christian-based, is supplemented even further by Biblical integration directed by the teachers as they aid the students in using the Bible as the basis for applying academics to their lives.   Through careful research, GCA has chosen curriculum from ABeka Book, Alpha Omega Publications, Association of Christian Schools International, and Bob Jones Press in conjunction with Physical Education, Music, Art, Spanish and Computer Science Technology, to comprise the necessary elements for a well-rounded and excellent academic foundation.

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Procedures & Standards