Electives & Activities


We strive to teach all students the principles and elements of art and design as well as art history through the use of various mediums.

The Preschool and Elementary School art program provides many opportunities to create and to enrich each student's life while allowing for discovery as well. The students will be challenged to principles and elements of design through a variety of projects following calendar-year themes. While being encouraged as well as challenged to perform to the best of their God-given abilities.


In Middle School, students grow to be more independent in producing artworks. They begin to mature in their abilities to observe, experience, and express themselves in effective and innovative ways and to be challenged to use visual arts in praising our Lord. They begin using two and three-dimensional media which includes drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and ceramics.


High School elective art courses allow students to continue to build upon their understanding of the artistic process as well as develop an appreciation of aesthetic qualities. Students can express themselves in a creative and imaginative way through drawing, painting, and two and three-dimensional design.


God loves to hear His creation praise Him, and at Grace Baptist Christian School, our music department encourages our students to glorify God through excellence and to truly appreciate the gift of music. Our music faculty has a goal to produce well-rounded music students who sing, play various instruments, and worship God with the natural talents that they have been given.


Piano lessons are made available to students via private instruction during school hours. Lessons are $70 per month and are not included in the tuition. Cost of books is additional. Lessons are once a week for 30 minutes and there will be a minimum of 32 lessons for the school year. No lessons on school holidays.

We will have a piano recital at the end of the year in May.


When many schools are cutting funding for the Arts Grace Christian Academy continues to invest in the Arts and makes it an integral part of the school curriculum.  When many students have to go to music groups after school, GCA  offers music classes during the regular school day for students in Kindergarten - Eighth Grades.


In the Third grade  students learn to play the recorder where they learn to be efficient note and rhythm readers. Students learn to play independently and within a group ensemble.


In Fourth & Fifth grades students may choose to sing in the Chorus or choose Orchestra and  learn to play the violin, viola, or cello.

Extended Care Program:

The Extended Care program is provided for the convenience of parents whose children attend Grace Christian Academy. The Extended Care program provides an enjoyable atmosphere for students before and after school. Extended Care opens at 6:30AM and the afternoon program closes at 6:30PM.  Students are to be registered for Extended Care before they attend.  Fees are listed on the financial information sheet in the information packet.  For more detailed information regarding the Extended Care program or to obtain a registration form, please call the school office (770) 222- 8955.

Physical Education (P.E.)

All physical education students are expected to participate in class unless they are injured or sick and have a note from a doctor or a parent/guardian. Students will not be excused for any other reason, unless the P.E. instructor or administrative team member deems it necessary.


GCA offers Spanish to every grade. Kindergarten through high school. No age is too young or too old to learn a new language. The Spanish curriculum is tailor made to fit each grade level. Exposing the students at a young age to a new language is very beneficial. Today there are around 22 countries in the world that have Spanish speakers including the United States. Many students may not choose to go to college but they will all have a job one day. In any occupation knowing even a few words in another language could make all the difference in the world. Along with the language culture is also taught. It is important for students to learn to embrace other cultures. This will help make them more aware of the world around them.


The technology department here at Grace has two computer labs to service the needs of our student body. The first computer lab services K5 through 8th grade and the curriculum starts off with familiarizing  


The Grace Christian Academy Library is open daily, Monday through Friday.


  • Students are allowed to borrow one book for a period of one week.

  • Books must be brought to the library for renewal; exceptions can be made for particular circumstances, such as reports.

  • Reference books and current periodicals may be enjoyed in the library, but they may not be checked out.

  • Students with an overdue book will be given a written notice. Additional books may not be checked out until overdue books are returned.

  • Students will be charged for lost or damaged books. The librarian should be contacted regarding lost or damaged books.

The library is a place of learning and growth. We encourage every student to use this resource. Parents are welcome to visit. Please contact the office for this opportunity. Parents are also appreciated as volunteers. Please contact the Librarian if you are interested in sharing your talents.