Tech Tip Tuesday: Greenlight Debit Card for Kids

This is a little different from our normal Tech Tip as it teaches kids how to be financially responsible. With Greenlight®, the money you give your child is divided into two categories: money they can Spend Anywhere, and money they can spend ONLY at a store (or a kind of store) you’ve approved in advance. They call these permission-based spending opportunities “a greenlight.” The amount of money put into each category is controlled by the parent only, and you can change it any time. If your child tries to spend at a store you haven’t approved in advance, and they don’t have enough Spend Anywhere money, then their card will be declined. Ouch! Fortunately, kids get a version of the app too, so

Tech Tip Tuesday: DragonBox

DragonBox is an educational game that teaches Math fundamentals fun and interesting. There are 5 learning apps for learning Math in total, including algebra and geometry. All 5 games in the app require up-front payment but don't have in-app purchases charges. When math teacher Jean-Baptiste Huynh noticed that many of his young and enthusiastic students, although otherwise intelligent, struggled with algebra, he figured there was a problem with the way the subject was taught, and not with the students themselves. Because of this, he decided to found his own educational software company, We Want To Know, together with Patrick Marchal, Ph.d in cognitive science.

4th Grade at the Capital

On Thursday, April 18th the 4th grade class attended our annual field trip to the Georgia State Capitol. The class was told that Governor Kemp was actually in the building signing a bill into law. They were able to sit in the Senate gallery and learn a lot of information about how to make a bill into a law, as well as information about the capitol building itself. They finished off their trip with a tasty bite at Atlanta's own Varsity.

Tech Tip Tuesday: VroOm is free to use and has over 1000 activities for your child in school and out of school. Everyday they send you and your child a fun tip. This app gives your kid tips on how to do their chores and homework faster and more efficient. Give it a try!

Tech Tip Tuesday: YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids was created to make it easier and safer to explore videos online. Kids can learn songs, watch shows, and everything in-between. You can control what your kids watch by handpicking the channels and videos they watch. If you find a video that you don't want your child to watch, you can simply block it. Another great feature is the app keeps a timer on your kids watch time so you can put a limit on how much your child watches. YouTube Kids is completely free and fun to use.

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