At Grace, we incorporate the Georgia Common Core standards and Biblical principles so that our students will be college and career ready and excel above all others in wisdom and understanding.

Higher Education & Preperation

Grace Christian Academy is a small school with the standards of a large public school.  Our students have many of the same opportunities that their counterparts in the public setting have.  Our high school students also have the added benefit of small class sizes and we offer the same coursework as the regular curriculum in the public setting. Other opportunities for our students are a STEM class that incorporates programming, an Art Elective, a speech class, Orchestra, GCA Webcast, and Journalism/Yearbook.  


Outside of the regular curriculum, our high school students have the opportunity to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program and earn college credit free of charge.  We also offer an SAT Prep class as well as give our junior and seniors the opportunity to take the ACT on campus during a school day.   

Grace Christian Academy has so many similar things to a public school with the added bonus of  a warm, loving, Christian foundation.  



GCA endeavors to prepare candidates for graduation so that they will possess the following qualities. They shall:

  • Know, love and serve Jesus Christ;

  • Have superior academic preparation for any further education they choose;

  • Possess teachable spirits and exhibit a love for learning;

  • Be well-read;

  • Effectively communicate, both verbally and in writing;

  • Have the ability to persuasively present their points of view;

  • Think critically, work on teams cooperatively, and solve problems;

  • Foster an understanding of the diversity of the human race, and live as disciplined men and women;

  • Be prepared for a life of evangelism (regardless of the career in which God calls them to serve), reflecting the grace and truth of Christ to all people;

  • Commit to a life of loyal, servant-leadership in the local church; Exhibit their faith and Christian character as they participate in athletics (interscholastic or intramural) and competitive situations.    

  • Apply biblical principles in their families, in their churches and on their jobs;

  • Exemplify work ethics, skills and a faithfulness that amplifies the integrity of a committed Christian.

Biblical Integration

Biblical integration is a vital part of every class. Teachers stress fundamental principles of the Bible and the development of Christlike attributes. The Bible course is designed to encourage the spiritual growth of each student and to lay a foundation for a basic knowledge of the Old and New Testaments. The daily Bible lesson plays an important role in helping students relate Biblical principles to daily life situations.

GCA Chapel services feature pastors, GCA staff and students, youth pastors, missionaries, musicians, and guest speakers who are of special interest to our students. Through these chapel services, we desire that our students will gain a clearer understanding of God’s Word, grasp a broader concept of the vast variety of individuals in the Lord’s work and experience spiritual growth and a deeper commitment in their lives. Parents are welcome to attend any chapel services.

All students participate in chapel each week. Parents are welcome to join their children for worship.